At Green Peaks Planning, we remain solely focused on one goal – helping you achieve yours. We believe in the importance of ensuring all aspects of your financial life are operating at peak performance. We’re different than other firms because we take a comprehensive, fully customized approach to helping you arrive at your financial peak.

Why partner with Green Peaks Planning?


As an independent advisory firm, we have no parent company, joint ventures or affiliations. That means we are not tied to product commissions or sales quotas. Instead, we operate as a fiduciary in providing objective, fiduciary advice that is always in your best interests.


Unlike many advisors who put clients into pre-built, model portfolios, we work with you to develop a custom portfolio specifically designed to navigate your financial challenges and achieve your goals.


We work with you to build a comprehensive plan that brings together all aspects of your financial life, including wealth management, estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning, tax-free investment strategies and more.

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